The van Tiggelen Family and the Karasinski tree

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The Family Tree presented here, lists the Family van Tiggelen. The story in this article is about where the Polish Karasinski Family and the Dutch side of the Van Tiggelen family meet. A point of interest is the Marriage of Jacoba Johanna Van Tiggelen who married twice: (i) First to Jacobus (Sjaak) Noordhuizen, the brother of her sister's (Wilhelmina) husband (Hendrikus).


The Marriage of Jacoba Johanna Van Tiggelen, to Sjaak Noordhuizen; was a combined-double Wedding; with her younger brother Govert Van Tiggelen and Maria (Wies) Verdaasdonk, which took place in the 'Onze Lieve Vrouw Kerk' in Breda on the 17th September 1942, this Marriage ended in Divorce on the 11th January 1945.

(ii) Jacoba (Co) then married Napoleon Karasinski on the 7th November 1945.

Official Marriage Cert with the Annulment in the left column. Bottom part has signatures to the wedding.The 'Secret Marriage' was revealed to Stan Karasinski in 1998, on a trip to the Netherlands. This '56 year old secret' was widely known by all the relations in the Netherlands, the only ones that didn't know were those in Australia. Documentary proof obtained from the Breda, Registration of Birth, Death and Marriages, shows entry Number 57, Dated 17th September 1942, of a "Marriage" that took place. A further Entry shows a 'Dissolution of Marriage', via entry, Number 111, Dated 19th December 1944; effective on 11th January 1945.

Below is a set of photographs from the private collection of Stan Karasinski, shared with the van Tiggelen family mid 2008:

Sjaak and Co Noordhuizen leaving the Breda Church. Govert and Maria (Wies) Verdaasdonk leaving the same church a short time later. Co wearing the distinctive cap.
This was located in the photo collection in Australia, is the same one worn in the wedding pics. This was the only photograph kept by Jacoba as a reminder of her first wedding.
Notification of Jacobus Noordhuizen death in 2001.
Notification of Jacobus Noordhuizen death in 2001. It also explains why Napoleon and Jacoba never married in a Church, the reason given at the time- "It was the war!"

Source: Stan Karasinski website. Pictures are part of the private collection of Stan Karasinski. With a lot of thanks for Stan's close collaboration on putting together this article!