Portrait of an Editor: John van Tiggelen (English) - The Monthly

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The Monthly

The Monthly provides in-depth articles about politics, community and the arts ( Essays of 7000 words are not unusual. It is clear that it is not a periodical that is displayed at the check-out in supermarkets, like those that dispense salacious humours, and contain articles about the clothes and antics of youth idols and movie stars.
The Editorship of The Monthly requires special literary experience, understanding and judgment, especially of the English language's cultural areas. Correcting, editing and presentation of such literary texts, so they become accessible for us the general readers, is a demanding task. So why is it that this immigrant, who spent much of his youth in the Netherlands, and who was stillĀ  a Dutch citizen until earlier this year, was nevertheless found to be the most capable person to hold this position? I try to explain..