Portrait of an Editor: John van Tiggelen (English) - Portrait of an Editor

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Portrait of an Editor

Peter Reynders talked to the Editor of The Monthly, John van Tiggelen
(a translation of an article that appeared in the Melbourne based Dutch Courier of July 2012)
There are about 320.000  people of Dutch origin in Australia (Australian Bureau of Statistics). They all contribute to the Australian community. Many do this quietly and unobtrusively and as a group we are therefore often referred to as the ''invisible mirgants''. Some, including those who write for the media,  have however more influence on society than others. They provide a choice to readers and listeners of news, ideas, knowledge and opinions. Even in the national press  one regularly come across Dutch names. It makes you wonder where exactly these people originate from and how they achieved such an influential positions. I was lucky to have a conversation over a cup of coffee with such a former Dutchman, now Australian, John van Tiggelen, and so am able to tell you something about him. He is the Editor of The Monthly, which is published in Melbourne. In order to illustrate the demands of that job, I will firstly provide a few words about The Monthly.